« When we have passed beyond humanity, then we shall be the Man. »

Sri Aurobindo


In 1981, a team led by David Montemurri, a film maker from the Italian TV, went to the Nilgiris, the Blue Mountains of South India, to interview  Satprem who was for nearly 20 years the confident of Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s companion, and recorded on audio tapes the testimony of her exploration in the depths of the body consciousness and her discovery of a cellular mind.
These recordings, transcribed by Satprem, constitute today “Mother’s Agenda”, an extraordinary document of 13 volumes (more than 6000 pages) about the next evolutionary stage and the passage to a New Being.

“We’re not in a moral crisis, we’re not in a political, financial, religious crisis, we are in nothing of all that. We are in an evolutionary crisis.
We are dying to humanity to be born to something else.”

Thus answers Satprem to David Montemurri who asks him several questions concerning the actual chaos and the future of humanity. This film, shot in 1981, takes place in a somehow “outdated” political and social context, however,  Satprem’s answers, of  a rare lucidity and so full of empathy, remain absolutely actual, powerful and pertinent and at times even unwillingly prophetic.

“After this painful and senseless man that we are, will there be something else or will we have to resign ourselves to the catastrophe and the disappearance of humankind ? »

This is the question that this film, accessible to all audiences, is asking and to which it tries to answer : what will be Man after man ?



(English subtitles created by Diksha, Saskia & Christoph)