I am the Earth, the ancient One,
The Sun and the Stars saw my birth.
Growing through endless ages I waited,
A silent witness of your marvelous ascent
From the inert stone to the thinking being.

I gave you my flesh: mountains and forests and land so fertile,
But you gnawed at it with your greed;
I gave you my blood : seas and oceans, lakes and rivers,
But you filled it up with your waste;

I gave you my breath : air so pure and cooling winds,
But you poisoned it with your fumes;
I gave you my strength, my beauty, my grandeur,
But you misused it with your wars.

I am the Earth, the patient One,
But a strong fever now shakes my limbs
And in Time I will recover
Through my natural ways of self-healing,
Too terrible for men to bear.

I am the Earth, the unknown One,
And my heart aspires to your awakening,
The revelation of matter’s divine truth,
The forgotten key of the human riddle,
The crowning glory of my labour of love.






Being without beginning or end
While infusing Eternity in the moment,
Directing the ballet of atoms
On the enormous stage of Space
While housing Infinity in Matter’s cells
And unfolding a cosmos in a grain of sand,
Travelling tirelessly through the Aeons
On the path to nowhere else
And wandering for a thousand lives
To make one step forward,
Entering the Real by penetrating the absurd
And dis-covering the Obvious by exploring the devious,
Being born as the Person by the death of the individual
And becoming all that is by being nothing at all,
In the formidable gamble of a recurring incarnation,
Being always more by having always less
And winning the One by loosing the many,
Dissolving the ego in the waters of Awareness
And arriving at Truth by making mistakes,
Annulling distance by canceling Time
And revealing the Divine by accepting to be human,
Consciousness at play is the supreme Koan.






In Her deep  mystical bosom
All things alive and dormant She nurtures.
In the huge galaxies, the sun, the atom
Limitless powers and undying beauty She captures.
Although to the ignorant eye Her ways may seem random and tardy
A perfectly timed perfection is each of Her living sculptures.
Each thread of Her tapestry, every nerve of Her voluptuous body
Is a redefinition of joy, a vessel of inexhaustible raptures.
As occult as may be for the profane the science of Her miracle
Simplicity and evidence are Her grandiose play’s features
And never for a second can cease the awesome spectacle :
Spring, in a slow explosion channels its ardor
And in a festival of hues is displayed a shameless exuberance;
Summer, by thunder and lightnings is shaken from its torpor
And in a carnival of light heat is the sign of trance;
Autumn, in a melancholic mood dreams of a bright future
And reveals in its mists dim shapes and strange presences;
Winter, with its harsh breath turns all voices into a murmur
And in a white meditation Nature withdraws from Her senses
Calling for the renewal of life, the reincarnation of wilderness.
A realm of lustrous virginity is the kingdom of the wise Empress.




Flamme Supramentale


The Supreme, splitting into two magnificent Great Beings,
Revolutionized the sphere of our little mortal world.
She and Him have weaved the Vedic Rishis’ inviolate Work
And the scope of the accomplished task exceeds us on all sides.
Unfathomable is the depth of the change They brought about,
Radical, irremediable, unthinkable is the evolutionary leap

Thus snatched from the forces of nature, in an inexpressible struggle.
Only those who dissolved all webs and consumed all illusions
Can hope to live what no one can even conceive.
Yet, a human young, wounded in his flesh and his being,
Sensed it, and, grasping the Great Sense behind appearances,
Let his cry melt into Their Great Wave.
He thus honoured a promise buried under the sands of time.
Near him was his Douce, his basis, his companion for ever
And together, tirelessly, they walked for the Earth
In spite of hostility, ingratitude and incomprehension.
Heirs of an indomitable courage and a lion heart
They dug and dug down to the inexorable rock at the edge of matter,
And revealed “the well of honey below the rock” in their body.
Then, when time had come, having reached the extreme limit
Of what was possible or impossible to embody
In the midst of that unfortunate species,
Leaving to others the care to improve the process,
They left the field our ordinary perceptions can access
For an incomprehensible physical otherness
Not at all some elsewhere or beyond,
But some here and now of absolute truth
As different from life as from death.
An unknown breath blows on the Earth, a fire in our cells,
And the New Life filters in through all the pores of the old world,
As irresistible as the rising of the sap in spring.
The last act has already begun for humans
And we will see the true face of the Apocalypse.






So much joy, so much beauty are pressing
Behind the illusory bulwark of human narrowness
That soon it will collapse silently
And will at last deliver the almighty living Marvel.

She who will transgress all our bans with impunity
And will wipe out
all our impossibilities with Her smile,
She will steal our treasures but will offer us Her own
And will invade our bodies with Her implacable sweetness.

She will expand into an ever virgin space
And will be the perpetual creation of a supraconscious matter,
She will reveal in each cell Her divine pulsation
And will shape a new world into Her Truth-substance







They are the warriors of the real
Them who have no other ennemies than themselves,
Them whose only weapon is their sincerity
And surrender their only strategy.

Them who know that there’s only one battle

Where to die to oneself is the only victory,
To leave only ashes out of existence

From which Life’s mystical phoenix may rise endlessly.

To alchemise the Golden Child from the thick lead of the ego
In order to become at last transparent within a solar world,
Then, in a coup de Grace the warriors will vanish
Realising in the absolute felicity that they never were.






Ô divine master of our existence, You came,
You allowed us on this day to give thanks to You.
We laid bare our soul in front of You
And You filled sovereignly the whole space of our being

In the fire, a burning symbol of our aspiration,
We offered all inside of us which is not You
In a joyful surrender to the Transformation
And an ardent call for the reign of Your Law.

A single heart did beat under the celestial vault,

A prayer rose in the silence : the prayer of the Earth,
The inner voice of the soul in love with the eternal Spirit,
The consciousness’ remembrance within herself who became Matter.

Since the beginning of time is prepared secretly the Dawn

Where all our dreams will be magnified in Your unfathomable Truth,
When we will have at last in a final and sublime flight,
Crossed forever the ultimate boundaries of duality.

Forever delighted in Your perfect Beauty and Your infinite Light,
Consumed in the unlimited ecstasy of Your absolute Love,
All that we were transfigured into a glorious epiphany,
Embracing in a single glance the Present, the Future and the bygone Ages,
Flooded and fulfilled with the divine nectar of Your Felicity,
We will become one with You into Eternity.