“…Of course, it’s not about propaganda; but about bringing the living voice of Mother and Sri Aurobindo to those who suffocate in life as it is, those who have had enough of the old stories, including propaganda. And then, if Mother and Sri Aurobindo are not the property or the privilege of any ashram, obviously, the same goes for any institute or association. Sri Aurobindo and Mother – and their Agenda –  belong to the Earth as a whole.”

(Translation of an excerpt from a letter sent to Satprem by friends of the Italian Institute – Rome, 15 August 1987)


                     “Flamme d’Altérité”

          Something else, another way, towards another state of being

A blog created in April 2012 whose aim is to help create more awareness regarding Sri Aurobindo’s, Mother’s, Satprem’s and Sujata’s  evolutionary Action through, in particular, the diffusion of their oral and written Works and a filmed interview with Satprem “Man after man” (“L’Homme après l’homme”) shot in 1981.
I thank here
David Montemurri for his permission regarding the projection of “L’Homme après l’homme” as well as the use of its content and the distribution of copies. Please see the page « The Film » for more information.

I feel close to each person sincerely touched and concerned by the Work of Sri Aurobindo, Mother, Satprem and Sujata who are dispersed to the four corners and often isolated, and to all those who are in search of a meaning in today’s chaos.

Personnally, I have the privilege to be absorbed in Their Work since more than 25 years and I lived in Auroville for almost 20 years.


In this blog, you will find, amongst other things, information about the projections as well as documents sometimes rare, or even unpublished, about the extraordinary Labour of Sri Aurobindo, Mother, Satprem and Sujata for the Earth.

In Their Light, Their Force and Their Love,


OM Namo Bhagavate