You will not find here any biography of Sri Aurobindo, Mother, Satprem and Sujata as it is very easy to find these official informations by oneself on many other sites.
On the other hand, I will try to avoid a purely academic, philosophical, or even “spiritual” approach, and will rather attempt  to plunge into the living experience, Their evolutionary Action for a radical terrestrial change,
what They came to DO.


         Symbole de Sri Aurobindo

       “ Man is a transition being ”

     Sri Aurobindo


       Symbole de Mère

 “ Salvation is physical ”


“ We erect around us the bronze walls of our infallible laws, which are only the temporary hallucinations of a terrestrial species on its way towards the Truth of the Earth.”

“All our ‘laws’ are only the laws of our prison. There is a knowledge of the body which sees through walls and allows it to seize the next law in spite of the impossibilities and reprisals of the present law.”