« We have made the mind a cypher, we have strangled Thought with a cord; Dead now are pity and honour, strength only is Nature’s lord. We build a new world-order; our bombs shout Wotan’s peace. »
                                                                         Sri Aurobindo – The children of Wotan – 1940

Dear friends,

The name and ideas of François Asselineau are becoming known to some of you, whereas most people had not heard of them until recently…
This is not surprising when one understands the threat that this man poses to the totally corrupt political class, as he is filled with the qualities which have been cruelly lacking and for a long time already in the latter. You may also know that Mr Asselineau, in his speech on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the creation of his political party, the Republican People’s Union, literally struck the spirits as the first politician in history to pronounce Sri Aurobindo’s name and quote a passage from « The Ideal of Human Unity », while Sri Aurobindo’s picture appeared on a giant screen behind him, and declaring in conclusion of his speech:

« Our vision of the world is that of Sri Aurobindo. »
« Faced with truth, honesty and courage, nothing can stop the surge that is happening »

François Asselineau is also the first and only French politicians to dare to denounce, among other things, the New World Order that the oligarchy that governs us now is about to set up in a much closer future than we can imagine… We are at a critical moment in our history and the stakes lie far beyond a simple question of presidential elections, as the problem is of a supra-political and evolutionary nature, and Mr Asselineau seems to have understood it very well insisting on the need of « pulling France up into a universal vision » and even speaks of « conditions of existence on earth »

I am therefore especially addressing all those who are familiar with the evolutionary work of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, and who can hopefully understand the nature of the forces involved, as well as all those involved in a spiritual endeavour and invite them to grasp the extreme gravity of the situation, not only for France but also for the world, and to ACT accordingly.

Francois Asselineau is, in my opinion, one of the best « public instruments » on earth at the present time: the only and last hope for France and the only and last men between us and chaos.

The last act has begun and the Revolution is on its way.

Diksha                                                                                                                Paris,  April 5th, 2017

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